[FIRMWARE] Galaxy S9 SM-GF XID Indonesia - GFXXU1ARC5

After the reboot, you can disconnect your Phone from your PC. Однофайловых прошивок для данной модели телефона не существует! How to get a full backup Download "App Backup Restore - Transfer" App from Google Play and after downloading go to the app and choose the backup to get personal data or applications or full phone content then choose the place to set up the external or internal memory backup of the phone When you need to restore this backup on the same phone or a different phone, download the application and choose the option to restore and choose the location sd card or internal phone storage.

Прошивка Galaxy S9 SM G960F выполняется только в тех случаях, когда восстановить нормальную работу устройства другими способами не получается. Процесс установки новой микропрограммы должен проходить строго по инстукции, т.к. любая ошибка может привести к поломге гаджета.

Samsung SM-GF/FD Galaxy S9 - Официальная прошивка - 4PDA

  • Extract the downloaded Odin3.
  • When the installation process is completed, you will see the PASS!
  • Если вы обновитесь, то получите сообщение:
  • Its good time to go for manual update instruction that located below.
  • Follow on screen instruction and soon you will see your device running upgrade and reboot automatically.

After the reboot, you can disconnect your Phone from your PC. Check back within few days or jump to next procedure. Remove the battery from your Phone. After pressing the Volume Up button you are now on the download mode and ready for flashing.


  • Drivers_58.98.7.rar
  • SP_FlashTools_ver.365.639.rar
  • Manual_galaxy-s9-sm-g960f.docx