SONY KDL- 40EX нет изо

In addition to that, since there are numerous TV models and manufacturers, as well as several methods for updating the software version, we recommend that you refer to the product guide, familiarize yourself with the procedure, and initiate the upgrade only when you have completely understood the steps. Refer to the TV installation dimensions table. Only use Wireless LAN indoors when

Actualización de Firmware pantalla Sony

Прошивка KDL 40EX700 выполняется только в тех случаях, когда восстановить нормальную работу устройства другими способами не получается. Процесс установки новой микропрограммы должен проходить строго по инстукции, т.к. любая ошибка может привести к поломге гаджета.

Видео обзоры Sony KDLEX

  • Setup Guide Operating Instructions - Page
  • Setup Guide Operating Instructions - Page
  • Do not remove the Table-Top Stand for any reason other than to install corresponding accessories on the TV.
  • Stand from the TV
  • When installing the TV parallel to the wall 0 degrees , adjustment of
  • The TV should be installed near an easily accessible AC
  • Yes AC Power Input:

Updating the Software Note: Setup Guide Operating Instructions - Page After several minutes, the TV will turn off and then turn back on to complete the update. To Customers Please provide your licensed contractor with this installation


  • Drivers_98.43.6.rar
  • SP_FlashTools_ver.921.814.rar
  • Manual_kdl-40ex700.docx